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Check back every week, I'm adding new galleries all of the time, so Bear Hot will be filling up with loads of naked hairy men and hot gay bears. I'm so excited with the line up of men that I have planned for Bear Hot. And I'm sure you will be too. So bookmark this page and check back often, the hairy men and gay bears are lined up and ready to start getting naked and getting it on! As I get the site opened and going, you can expect a new hot, hairy man every day.

Beefy Hairy Man Huge Dildo Fucking Hairy Cowboys Kinky Hairy Man

Beefy Hairy Man

Thomas is a hot, leather man. He'll taunt you with his beefy, hairy body. And wait until you see the ass busting out of his leather chaps. What a sight! Thomas is sporting a fat uncut cock, too. He's an all around sexy beefy hairy man!

Huge Dildo Fucking

Hairy man Tommy loves getting his butt fucked and extreme ass play really turns him on. He's pair up with a horny hairy bear who works Tommy's butt hole over. Using his hands, a big butt plug, and a huge dildo, Devyn fucks Tommy's ass good.

Hairy Cowboys

Two horny and hairy cowboys fall into a passionate kissing scene. Before you know it the plaid shirts and jeans are on the floor, and these two cowboys are swapping blowjobs. Watch a well-hung cowboy jack off a huge look of spunk all over his buddy's bald head.

Kinky Hairy Man

Bald hairy man Tommy is a bit of a kinky fucker. In this gallery he plays with a pair of tit clamps, pulling on his nipples until his dick stiffens. Then he slides a sounds rod deep inside his cock. It's unbelievable to see how deep he goes. Tommy's is a hot fucking hunk of man.

Sexy Bald Man Riding Fat Cock Fat Cock Tattooed Hairy Man

Sexy Bald Man

This bald man has a beautiful solid body and he's covered in hair. Tom Southern has a handlebar moustache framing those hot cock sucking lips of his. And this hairy man is packing a nice bone. Long and stiff and crowned with a deliciously plump cock head.

Riding Fat Cock

Wolf and his fat cock are back, this time he's paired up with hungry cock sucker Adam Blue. Adam sucks Wolf's cock until that fat cock head shows up, and then, Adam can't wait to sit on it. Hairy man Wolf lies back and lets his buddy do all the work – for the first half anyway.

Fat Cock

Wolf is a sexy hairy man. He's masculine, but is a little on the cute side. He's got a nice patch of hair across his chest, and he's wearing a couple of tattoos. When he stiffens up his cock, his erection curves strong and his cock head plumps up juicy and fat.

Tattooed Hairy Man

Ardon Masters is back for another look. This sexy man is wearing some beautiful tattoo work on his arm. He's a good-looking man, but his piece de resistance is that meaty cock hanging between his legs. What a sight! Of course his beefy ass ain't bad either.

Hairy Bald Guy Fuck Buddies Outdoor Threesome Hairy Leather Daddy

Hairy Bald Guy

Brenden is a younger hairy guy who loves his motorcycle. He peels out of his clothes and poses naked on his motorcycle. His body is rock solid and covered in hair. And this hairy guy lies back and pumping his stiff cock in his fist.

Fuck Buddies

Fuck buddies Ardon and Steff get together for a long, slow fuck session in front of a fireplace. They take turns swapping blowjobs. And when their cocks are rock hard, these two hairy men bend over for one another.

Outdoor Threesome

A horny bottom is in heaven as he gets plugged from both ends in this outdoor threesome. With one hairy man pounding his ass, another muscle guy fucks his face. This bottom really works up a sweat with the sun blazing down on them.

Hairy Leather Daddy

Dane Walsh is a mean-looking fucker. This older man loves wearing leather, and he's looking pretty hot. But wait until this leather daddy rolls over and shows off his beefy ass. Wow! It's quite amazing – round, strong, muscular and hairy.

Gay Group Sex Group Sex Party Leather Daddy Hairy Bear

Gay Group Sex

Horny gang of hairy men pile into a hotel room for a sweaty gay group sex party. In this gallery, a gang of men is helping a hairy bear getting his ass plugged by a big dick. They all get into the action and help him shoot his load.

Group Sex Party

The group sex party continues. Now it's the hairy bear's turn to work over his top's ass. The blonde man lifts his lefts and two other party-goers work over his cock-hungry butt hole with a big dildo. One fucks him while the other sucks his huge cock.

Leather Daddy

Older and bearded leather man warms up a wooden paddle on his open hand. He's looking for a bare butt that needs a spanking. He loves working over a tender and sensitive ass with his range of corporal punishment tools.

Hairy Bear

Sexy and hairy bear starts off in full leather. He lights a cigar and starts stripping out of his leather. Completely naked he lets us take in his beefy hairy body while he strokes his stiff cock. What a sexy fucking hunk of hairy man! You'll love him.

Big Hairy Bear Horny Cock Suckers Fat Cock Head Blue Collar Man

Big Hairy Bear

Andy loves finding a secluded beach and getting some alone time in. He strips naked and walks in the cool breeze. And then, this big hairy bear lies back behind a sand dune and squirts out a huge flying cumshot. Watch it arc through the air.

Horny Cock Suckers

These two horny cock suckers take turns blowing one another. Cory has a thick and meaty cock while Anthony has a long dick crowned with a big nob. They love 69 cock sucking and they get locked in a sizzling blowjob session. Hot horny cocksuckers!

Fat Cock Head

Horny older man strips off his army camouflage gear and releases his big cock. It's a whopper with a beautifully formed and fat cock head. This is one perfect cock to suck and it'll turn you on watching this fucker stroking it.

Blue Collar Man

Beefy and rough-looking man fishes his cock out of his overalls. It's a delicious meaty cock with a healthy set of balls and a hairy bush. then Anthony peels off his overalls and hoists his legs, giving us a look at his fuck hole.

Dildo Fucking Dildo Fucking Machine Swapping Blowjobs Hairy Masculine Man

Dildo Fucking

Adam Blue's ass is hungry for cock, but he's all alone. So he digs out his vibrating dildo and starts working over his ass with this big cock. Once it's buried deep inside his ass, he turns on the vibrator and drives his fuck hole crazy. Nice big cock, too.

Dildo Fucking Machine

Dakota Philips is another horny hairy man who needs a good ass fucking. And he's scratching his itch in a different way. He fires up the dildo fucking machine, bends over and spreads his cheeks. The machine does the rest!

Swapping Blowjobs

Allen and Taz are a couple of horny men who like to get together and swap blowjobs. About once a week or so, they hook up, put on some military gear, and play "Who's Going to Suck the Sergeant's Cock?" You're going to love watching these men.

Hairy Masculine Man

Sexy and masculine man from Great Britian gets naked and strokes his cock in the mirror. And wait until you see his big-nobbed cock – what a beauty. Over 240 photos of Alan jacking his meat and you're going to love his big messy cumshot.

Sexy Leather Man Hairy Bear Cub Juicy Uncut Cock Cigar Smoking Sergeant

Sexy Leather Man

Ardon Masters is wearing nothing but a pair of leather chaps, a jockstrap, and a dog collar. And he ain't wearing them for long. Wait until you see his huge, meaty cock. It's a cock sucker's dream come true with a big ring dangling from the tip.

Hairy Bear Cub

Bart is a cute hairy bear cub. His body is beefy and solid and he's pretty hairy, too. Bart is sitting back on the sofa and watching some gay porn. And it's not long before he's got his meat in his hand and working up a juicy hard-on.

Juicy Uncut Cock

Christian Volt has one of the most beautiful uncut cocks. It's not nice to look at, but it sure looks hot to suck – big, fat shaft with a juicy cock head. Volt is a beefy and hairy muscle man with a hot body, and an even hotter ass. Man 'em and dive in!

Cigar Smoking Sergeant

Dex Harden is a sexy, masculine man. His body is a little on the beefy side. And this fucker loves getting dressed up in military gear and having some fun with his soldier buddies. Watch him strip naked and smoke his cigar.

Hairy Naked Men Hairy Chest Hairy Young Man Old Hairy Man

Hairy Naked Men

Steve Dragon and Larry Wolf are a couple of hunky hairy men who love hanging out naked together. In this gallery they're lounging around in their bathrobes and showing off their solid, hairy bodies, pierced nipples, and big, hard cocks.

Hairy Chest

Aaran is a sexy, gay bear with a beautiful hairy chest. While his head is shaved bald, his chest is an absolute turn-on with dark-blonde, curly hair. Aaran has a solid body, a beefy ass, and a deliciously big uncut cock. You're going to love him.

Hairy Young Man

Alan Gregory is a gay porn star who you might have seen around in a few films. He's a hot, hairy young man with a butt that just doesn't quit. You'll definitely want to check out his thick cock, shaved smooth rosebud, and don't forget his hairy armpits.

Old Hairy Man

Watch this 50-year-old old man playing with his big-nobbed cock. Alex is an exhibitionist who loves showing off his cock, and in this gallery he strips naked and strokes his meat until his cock head swells big and juicy.