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Hairy Tattooed Men

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In my books, a heavily inked man is hot. And these hairy tattooed men are some of my favourites.

Chris Tower is a bit of a rough neck and both of his arms are sleeved in tattoos. And this just makes him all the hotter. Ever since finding this tattooed man, I can stop fantasizing about him. I envision myself walking down this dark alley late at night and I see Chris leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette. We exchange looks and he adjusts his crotch, so I figure it's safe to approach.

When I find myself standing in front of him, I see that he's wearing a wife beater, which shows off his hairy chest and tattooed arms very nicely. When I reach out to grab his bulge, he grabs me by the back of the neck and starts pushing me to his knees. "You wanna suck my cock, do ya?" he barks.

He grabs my head and grinds my face into his package. And then he unbuttons his jeans and fishes out a huge, thick, uncut cock. He holds my head and beats my face with his meaty dick. "Open wide, cock sucker," he says. I do as I'm told and he starts feeding his dick into my mouth, and as soon as I started wrapping my lips around it, his cock begins to stiffen and push deeper down my throat ...

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  hairy tattooed man  
Hairy Tattooed Men
Hairy Tattooed Men
Hairy Tattooed Men
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